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In this issue, Runx dredges up tales from his past at a farm school in 'Wrestling with the Truth'; exploits the exploits of some of his friends in 'Nora Stories'; pays tribute to a true gay genius in the Glamor Box featuring Samantha Jane Dorsett; and embraces his snobby side by referring to his comix as 'visual essays'. 8 x 11" magazine format. 25 pages. B&W offset with full-color cover.

"Runx Tales is a ragtag comics collection of wacky, on the road-type adventures, weird job stories, and bemused lovelorn snippets that are fresh, funny, and big-hearted."
-Robert Kirby, author of Curbside Boys and editor of The Book of Boy Trouble

"Matt Runkle's smart and handcrafted worldview is such a balm in this age of heartless fonts. His work makes me feel human again."
-Kirk Read, author of How I Learned to Snap