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4.25" x 5.5" letterpress printed chapbook. 'Plans' is one book of ten in an ongoing wedding-themed material novel called THE HITCH: An Agamist Manifesto. While the ten books are thematically and often narratively related, each contains its own visual and textural theme, and the prose shifts in genre, from fiction to experimental memoir to lifestyle magazine feature to dramatic script.

'Plans' is a short story told from the point of view of a ruthless wedding planner, whose control over the event’s orchestration resembles an author’s control over a text. The embryonic bride Forlorne (who also appears in the chapbook 'The Victim'), is a heroine created without agency who later pays the price when she begins to rebel against the planner's vision.

To learn more about THE HITCH, visit matt-runkle.com/thehitch.